PMCW Millimeter Radar
Applying CMOS and DCM technology, a 3D antenna design of 12TX/16RX enables 4D imaging as well as further probe (effective area as far as 500 meters). With longer distance, broader range and clearer light detection, a clear resolution and strong anti-inference grants an advantage of 4 to 5 years over other
PMCW millimeter radar is more technological advanced than FMCW millimeter radars and presents a higher cost performance than Lidar As a main sensor of advanced driving assistance and autonomous driving, the PMCW millimeter radar enjoys a broad application prospect in transportation, industry, security, etc.
Radar & Video Integration
Millimeter radar collects environmental data, and combines and outputs with visual image. Target tracking and swarm intelligence algorithm are linked and displayed in application Real-time sensors identify and classify various inclement weather and low light conditions.
Autonomous Driving Achieved by
Superiority in Perception, Positioning and Communication over Ordinary Self-driving Systems
High-capability, Low Cost, Anti-inference, Whole Day, All Weathers
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