Automotive Applications
The most complete 77GHz millimeter radar series for vehicles (including OTH front radars, wide-
angle midrange radars and angular radars) are applied in advanced assisted driving and
autonomous driving.
Intelligent Port
Industrial wide-angle and midrange radar products have been applied in smart ports. Based on video image and
radar output, real-time moving target identification and classification adopt a specially designed perception
strategy for various bad weather and low light conditions, which have greatly improved the efficiency of port
Intelligent Transportation
By connecting image with radar detection of size, distance and speed, information on traffic and other
specific behaviors can be easily acquired, which is effective for unmanned traffic management such as
setting up electronic bayonets, police, intersections and probing of in-road parking, incidents and tunnels.
Intelligent Security
When the radar detects a target, it supplies the camera with accurate position, distance, and speed information to guide its
adjustment and zoom to obtain a clear image as well as cooperating with other cameras: based on space modeling and equipment
vector positioning, relay tracking for multiple dynamic targets becomes possible. Intelligent security allows significant increase of
effective data ratio in the system to improve the efficiency of the security system.
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