Container Trucks with Millimeter Radars as Main Sensors
Anti-interference imaging 77GHz PMCW Millimeter Radar
All Weather/ All Time
Traffic Control Stations with Millimeter Radars Combined with Video
​Problem Solved with Panoramic Wide-range Radars: Location of Container Trucks Intersection of Manned and Unmanned Driving
Traffic Control Center Based on Road-Car Cooperation
​Sensors on Cars, Roads and Poles
V2X combined with 5G or WIFI
3D Panoramic Sensing & Tracking
Optimized Intelligent Organization System
Intelligent Road Signs Developed by 24GHz millimeter wave Input/ Output
Highly Relianble & Accurate Location
Easy Construction & Renovation
Cost-effective On-road Projectors & Under-car Recognizers to Substitute Magnetic Markers

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