Co-established by technology team from Silicon Valley and reformed company of mixed ownership, YUNSHAN TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Yunshan) is a high-tech enterprise based on independent and world-class core technology. Headquartered in Xiamen, the company has R&D centers in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. With anti-interference imaging 77GHz phase-modulated continuous wave (PMCW) millimeter radar series products, Yunshan aims to combine technology and clients as well as products and projects to provide intelligent network products and solutions in vehicles, facilities, transportation, personnel and the Internet. The goal of Yunshan is to become a top-notch developer of industrial and vehicle millimeter radar products as well as comprehensive provider of intelligent network system.

With international vision, professional teams and standardized management, Yunshan maximizes the multiplier effect of resource integration and state stimulation and builds a value of “hardcore, high accuracy, high-end” as well as a culture of “imaginative, innovative, and take initiatives”. Wholeheartedly, Yunshan provides clients and partners with high-quality products and services, and strives to become a rising-star in technology innovation.

PMCW Millimeter Radar
​Applying CMOS and DCM technology, a 3D antenna design of 12TX/16RX enables 4D imaging as well as further probe (effective area as far as 500 meters). With longer distance, broader range and clearer light detection, a clear resolution and strong anti-inference grants an advantage of 4 to 5 years over other products.
PMCW millimeter radar is more technological advanced than FMCW millimeter radars and presents a higher cost performance than Lidar
As a main sensor of advanced driving assistance and autonomous driving, the PMCW millimeter radar enjoys a broad application prospect in transportation, industry, security, etc.
PMCW millimeter radar collects environmental data, and combines outputs with visual image. Target tracking and swarm intelligence algorithm are linked and displayed in application
Real-time sensors identify and classify various inclement weather and low light conditions.
Automatic Port Driving Solution
Self-driven Container Cars| Intelligent Road Signs| Traffic Control Stations| Traffic Control Center
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